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Blended and Distance Learning with General Assignment Classrooms

Discover how UW’s advanced classroom technology can enhance your teaching experience. Upper campus has 91 general assignment classrooms designed to support blended and distance learning, along with lecture capture capabilities. While our primary solution is Panopto, instructors also have the flexibility to use Zoom for their teaching needs.

With Panopto and Zoom, you can seamlessly record lectures or conduct live streams directly from your laptop in the classroom. Choose your preferred sources and start capturing valuable content, whether you’re engaging with a remote audience or teaching in person. Once recorded, easily share your content on Canvas, our integrated learning management system.

Teachers and TAs can leverage Zoom’s cloud recording feature to share class meetings directly with students through the Zoom App in Canvas. Plus, the Zoom recordings can automatically migrate into Panopto for added convenience. Panopto recordings can then be shared within Canvas or accessed through the Panopto platform. For more information on which service best suits your needs head over to to learn more about Panopto, Zoom and its integration with Canvas.

Ready to explore these powerful tools further?

Contact Academic Technology today to schedule a consultation in our Kane Hall demo room and unlock the full potential of Panopto and Zoom for your classroom sessions. Email us at or call Academic Technologies at (206) 221-5000 extension 2.

Savery Hall Upgrade Schedule

Starting January 29, 2024, Savery Hall will undergo weekly classroom technology upgrades, beginning with SAV 138. This means that your class will be temporarily relocated.

Classes in a room being worked on will temporarily move to SAV 138 while the originally assigned room is being upgraded. Once the upgrade is complete, the class will return to its original location. The upgrade schedule for your classroom and its location changes can be found on signage on Savory Hall doors, or by contacting Academic Technologies Helpdesk.


1/29 to 2/4 – SAV 132 moved to SAV 138 (Return to SAV 132 on 2/5)
2/5 to 2/11 – SAV 130 moved to SAV 138 (Return to SAV 130 on 2/12)
2/12 to 2/18 – SAV 136 moved to SAV 138 (Return to SAV 136 on 2/19)
2/19 to 2/25 – SAV 137 moved to SAV 138 (Return to SAV 136 on 2/26)
2/26 to 3/2 – SAV 139 moved to SAV 138 (Return to SAV 139 on 3/4)
3/4 to 3/10 – SAV 157 moved to SAV 138 (Return to SAV 157 on 3/11)