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Equipment Changes

Classroom Equipment Changes – Autumn 2019

Academic Technologies is actively deploying new Classroom Computers in all locations currently featuring these devices. To determine whether or not your classroom has an installed desktop computer, please visit our Classroom Features page. Please note that no new installations are planned at this time.

As part of this change, classroom computers will no longer feature an optical (CD/DVD) drive. As an alternative, users may stream desired media via web browser or by connecting a USB storage device. Many classrooms also feature a separate Blu-ray/DVD player for media playback. And, of course, this change does not impact the ability for you to bring your own device and connect via HDMI or VGA.

If the above alternatives do not meet your teaching requirements, our office can provide an external optical (CD/DVD) drive that can be used with classroom computers via USB connection. These devices will be made available through our Equipment Reservations process on a first come, first served basis.

Additional questions or concerns regarding classroom computers can be submitted by using our online form.